Winter boating requires additional safety precautions

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Floridians are able to take their boats out on the water long after their friends up north have put their vessels in storage for the winter. However, as the temperatures drop, boat operators need to take extra precautions to ensure that their boats can withstand the colder water and air temperatures they encounter as it gets deeper into winter.

The risk of serious accidents and injuries increases in the winter, even here in Florida. Lower temperatures can affect a boat’s ability to operate properly For example, ice can cause damage to the boat and create holes – causing the boat to take on water. The cold can affect the battery as well.

A winter storm can turn a peaceful excursion into a treacherous one. High winds and waves significantly increase the risk of capsizing.

Hypothermia can be deadly if you end up in the water

If a person goes overboard during the winter, they run the risk of hypothermia. If the water temperature is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, even a few minutes in it can be fatal. Of course, everyone should always wear a life jacket. However, even with a life jacket, if a person isn’t rescued from the water within a few minutes and cared for immediately, the results can be deadly.

Whether you’re working on a boat or going out on a friend’s boat for a day of relaxation, it’s crucial that the boat and you are prepared for the conditions and for any changes in conditions that could occur while you’re out.

If you or a loved one has suffered a boating injury that you believe was caused by the negligence or actions of the boat operator, it’s wise to seek legal guidance. You may be able to seek compensation to help you cover medical bills and other expenses.


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