Why is the road more dangerous than the track?

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Many people who own sportbikes start out by riding them on the road in their daily life and by taking them to the track to ride with other motorcyclists. Eventually, a lot of them decide that it is safer to ride on the track, and so they stop riding on the roads entirely, perhaps even removing their insurance and just regarding the bike as a toy for the track days.

Considering that some of these sportbikes can go 200 miles an hour at the track, it sounds vastly more dangerous to someone who doesn’t ride. However, riders tend to consider the track to be safer. Why is this?

Everything is controlled at the track

The big difference is that the track is a controlled system where everyone is operating in the same manner. Everyone goes the same direction, they ride at specified times, they’re divided into groups based on skill level and they’re all just trying to accomplish the same goal. While accidents can still happen, this uniformity and the experience of the riders can be enough to keep them from being serious.

On the road, the greatest danger to a motorcyclist is anyone else. Many accidents are caused by drivers cutting off motorcycles or pulling out in front of them or just never seeing them. Since traffic crosses in front of the bikes and moves in all directions, crashes are common and often deadly. Even if the rider is going far slower than 200 miles an hour, they’re in much more danger because of the people they have to share the road with.

If you are a rider who has been hit by one of these drivers and suffered serious injuries, make sure you know how to seek financial compensation for your losses.


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