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Driving isn’t as simple as one car at a time making their way along the road peacefully in single file. There are so many vehicles on the road today that it is inevitable that cars have to share the roadways. While this is managed most of the time without incident, there are still a high number of accidents each day.

One of the most hazardous areas on the roads is intersections. Some research suggests that as many as 36% of all reported accidents occur at intersections. Why is it that these portions of the road are so dangerous?


As traffic can be stationary at intersections, people often see it as a good chance to take a breather. They may check their cell phone, grab a drink or something to eat, even rest their eyes for a second if they are fatigued. All of these actions are extremely dangerous forms of removing a driver’s attention from the road. Traffic may be stationary for a brief moment at intersections, but this can change rapidly, and road users need to be prepared for this. Traffic and pedestrians can come from numerous different angles, and these are hazards that drivers at intersections must always account for.

Processing the surroundings

At intersections, road users must be able to accurately assess the speed of other vehicles as well as anticipate their next maneuvers. This is surprisingly difficult to do when traffic is moving at various speeds and the volume of people in the area is high. While the human perceptual system is good, it is not perfect and errors in judgment can happen. A failure to anticipate the speed of a vehicle or the space needed to make a turn can result in devastating collisions.

Driving in Florida can be a challenge, especially at intersections. It is vital that you stay safe and other road users should not endanger you in a reckless manner. If you have been hurt because of someone else’s driving, make sure you explore your legal options.


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