Why do so many drivers hit people on motorcycles?

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Crashes between bigger vehicles and motorcycles occur for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes, the motorcycle rider is the one to blame. People ride motorcycles while under the influence of alcohol or make bad decisions while dealing with heavy traffic.

However, a lot of crashes that leave motorcyclists hurt or coping with thousands of dollars in property damage are the fault of the person in the larger, enclosed vehicle. Drivers can make all kinds of mistakes ranging from impaired and distracted driving to improper vehicle maintenance that affects performance.

Still, when it comes to bigger vehicles causing crashes with motorcycles, the issue is quite frequently that the driver of the larger vehicle claims they didn’t see the motorcycle before the collision.

How does anyone overlook something as big and loud as a motorcycle?

While they may be a fraction of the size of a car, a motorcycle is still a big piece of equipment. They’re shiny, illuminated and frequently very noisy. Motorcyclists try their best to be visible in traffic to protect themselves from dangerous drivers.

Sadly, human neurology works against those on smaller vehicles. Psychologists call the issue inattentional blindness. Essentially, when your brain has to sort through hundreds of pieces of information in a short amount of time, it will focus on the most important. Safety is usually the top priority, and a motorcycle poses less perceived threat than a bigger vehicle.

Drivers may look right at a motorcycle and never consciously realized it is there, ultimately leading to a preventable crash. Motorcycle riders hurt in such crashes may need to make an insurance claim or even file a civil lawsuit, depending on the extent of their injuries and other losses. If you’ve been injured, talk to an attorney about your options.


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