What’s the most dangerous road in Florida?

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Thanksgiving is over, but the holidays are just kicking off. For many people, long-distance travel is part of their yearly traditions.

Unfortunately for folks traveling up or down the East Coast on I-95, the potential for a dangerous — even deadly — crash is very real. I-95 has long been notorious for being one of the scariest roads to travel, and it led the nation in fatal wrecks in 2019. (The odds are high that 2020’s figures will be similar, but the data isn’t yet complete.)

What the data says about I-95 and accidents

In 2019, I-95 had 14.88 fatal accidents per 100 miles, which equates to 284 deaths and an untold number of injuries. By comparison, the next most dangerous highway is I-20, which saw 13.52 fatalities per 100 miles, or 208 deaths.

To a certain extent, the high fatality rate on I-95 can be explained by weather-related problems on the northern end of the road. Just the same, it’s unwise to discount the danger if you happen to be traveling in Florida down I-95.

Florida authorities are once again urging drivers to take steps to increase their safety. That includes things like:

  • Making sure that everyone in your car is wearing their seatbelt, including those in the back
  • Watching your speed as you travel and adjusting for the weather or road conditions as you go
  • Keeping your car in good condition by checking your tires, lights, windshield wipers and more
  • Staying alert and focused by making sure that you have enough rest before your trip and putting your cellphone away when you’re driving

Nobody wants to think about their holidays being ruined by a crash — especially a serious one. If you are injured or a loved one is killed, however, you have rights that deserve to be protected.


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