What would a repeal of Florida’s no-fault auto insurance law mean?

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Last week the Florida Senate passed a bill to repeal the state’s no-fault auto insurance law. On Monday, the Florida House Judiciary Committee also passed the bill. While there are several more steps to go, it is essential to understand what repealing Florida’s no-fault car insurance law would mean to you.

Florida’s current no-fault auto insurance laws can leave you out of pocket

Currently, you need Personal Injury Protection (PIP) if you own a car in Florida. If you have a collision, you need to claim against your PIP for your medical expenses. The other party must claim against theirs.

The problem is, PIP will pay you no more than $10,000. While you can also claim on your health care insurance, you may not receive enough to cover your bills. Under the current no-fault system, it is hard to hold a driver who causes a crash responsible for their actions.

Repealing Florida’s auto insurance system would allow you to recover more

The changes would move from a no-fault system to an at-fault system of auto insurance. It is what most other states use. Drivers would need to buy Mandatory Bodily Injury (MBI) with coverage of at least $25,000 for injuries to one person or $50,000 for injuries to two people.

If Florida lawmakers pass the bill, it will give you a better chance of recovering full compensation when another driver injures you. To do so, you would need to show they were at fault for the crash. It will make it more important than ever to have an experienced attorney to fight your case. The other party and their insurer may try to blame you for the crash to avoid paying.


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