What is a construction defect?

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Contractors are expected to do projects according to the contract they have with the client, as well as standard practices. When there is an issue with certain scopes of the project, the client might opt to pursue a legal claim to recover the damages they have from the defects.

There are many issues that are considered construction defects that may lead to legal action. Oftentimes, clients will overlook minor issues, but they will almost certainly take action against the larger mistakes. These larger issues can lead to costly damages.

What are some of the more costly construction defects?

There are many defects that can turn costly. Things that have to do with structural integrity can lead to very expensive damage to the property, and these can be very costly to correct. Mechanical, electrical and water intrusion problems can also be costly.

Regardless of the type of defect that’s present, the property owner is likely going to want it corrected before the effects of the problem get even worse. The urgency is usually tied directly to the severity of the issue.

In most cases, the client will turn to the contractor to correct the issue. Providing an appropriate fix can usually help avoid legal action. It’s possible that the client will still opt to pursue a claim to cover the damages from the construction defect.

Anyone dealing with a construction defect issue should ensure they know their legal rights. Your attorney can help you to learn what options you have and how to protect your rights.


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