What happens if a truck driver brakes too hard?

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Truck drivers have very little room for error. Due to the size and weight of their vehicles, they have to react properly and remain in control at all times.

But what if a driver is distracted, tired or otherwise not paying attention to the road, and they don’t realize they need to slow down or stop until a crash seems imminent? What happens if they brake too hard in a frantic attempt to cut their speed?

The truck could jackknife

One possible outcome is that the truck and trailer will get out of sync, causing the truck to jackknife. This is when the trailer swings to the side, pivoting on the connection point, similar to a folding knife. If that happens, the truck is entirely out of control and can strike surrounding vehicles. It can also block the road for vehicles behind it.

The load could shift

Another possible issue is that the load the truck is carrying could shift. This could also cause the truck to go out of control. In some cases, a shifting load can push a vehicle off of the road or cause it to roll. In other cases, the load itself could break free and fall from a flatbed vehicle.

Have you been injured?

As you can see, a driver who brakes too late and too hard could put everyone around them in danger. They could cause a serious accident that could have been avoided if they would have just slowed down properly. Those who get injured in these accidents may have a right to seek compensation after the wreck.


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