The unique dangers tanker trucks pose on the road

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Tanker trucks are necessary for moving liquids, such as gasoline around the country. The truckers who handle these transports must ensure that they’re driving safely because these rigs are at a heightened risk of rollovers.

The liquids inside the tank move about with the movement of the truck. Because of the large volume of liquids, it’s possible that they will slosh and surge. Those can cause the trucker to lose control of the vehicle, which can mean that innocent motorists are placed in danger.

How can truckers minimize the risks of these tankers?

Truckers can consider how the liquids in the tank will react to the movement of the truck. They must be especially careful when they have partial loads because those are more likely to surge and slosh. This is more common in unbaffled tanks, which means that they don’t have segments inside the tank to help control the movement of the liquids.

Anyone who’s operating a tanker truck should ensure they’re driving at safe speeds. They also need to use caution when they’re going around curves because overaccelerating or oversteering can lead to problems. Taking stopping distance into account is also important because it takes longer to stop tankers than most other rigs.

If you’ve been injured or your loved one killed in a wreck with a tanker truck, make sure you take action to protect your future interests. The financial consequences of such a crash can be severe — and Florida has time limits on how long you have to seek the compensation you are due. When something this severe happens, it helps to have experienced guidance by your side.


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