The unforeseen financial aftermath of seemingly minor accidents

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Consider this motor vehicle accident scenario: You are driving along a road when a drunk driver runs a traffic light, colliding with the side of your car. The impact slams your head against the door, and you pass out.

You regain consciousness a few minutes later and refuse medical attention because you feel fine. Two days later, you start forgetting simple things and continue to experience vertigo and dizziness.

Your injury could be much worse than you thought

After experiencing symptoms for days or weeks, you decide to get a medical opinion. The doctor informs you that you may have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the accident. With a tentative diagnosis in place, your doctor digs deeper to confirm the diagnosis with costly imaging tests (MRIs and CT scans).

Upon confirmation of a TBI, your treatment begins, resulting in thousands or possibly millions of dollars in costs. Depending upon the severity of your injury, treatment could mean the following.

  • Expensive medications
  • Procedures to remove blood clots
  • Opening the skull to relieve pressure
  • Surgery to stop brain bleeds

As you may expect, these treatments are expensive. However, it is rehabilitation that might empty your financial accounts. Rehabilitation can mean anything from undergoing physical therapy to participating in occupational therapy. Most patients also undergo other forms of rehabilitation to help them regain any abilities lost to the injury.

Who is going to pay for your medical care and rehabilitation? If your injury has affected your ability to hold a job, you could be facing an insurmountable amount of medical debt.

The scenario above shows why you should seek medical care immediately after an accident. A medical report confirming your injuries can help you obtain the financial compensation you need. Learning more about vehicle accident compensation laws Florida can help you seek the maximum amount of compensation for your harm.


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