The real reason why teen drivers cause so many accidents

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The reason that teens have to take so many tests in order to get a driver’s license is that it’s a new skill to them, and statistics have found that they tend to cause a disproportionate amount of accidents. Obliging teens to go through formal driver’s training is just one way that the government tries to reduce how many crashes they cause.

Even this is not enough, though, as the stats continue to show that teens cause too many crashes every year for the size of their demographic.

You can find a lot of singular issues that cause individual accidents, such as alcohol or drug use, along with things like reckless driving and speeding – but is there an underlying cause that creates a lot of these accidents?

Teens do not have experience behind the wheel

The biggest factor is probably just that teams don’t have a lot of experience and so mistakes are going to be more common and more severe.

Lack of experience with any skill can lead to a higher mistake rate, no matter what it is. Driving is simply a skill that people have to develop over time, and teens have not had that time yet because they haven’t had their licenses for very long.

The problem with this issue is that there isn’t a whole lot that can be done to reduce teen crash rates or increase their experience. It can take them years to get the type of experience that they need to drive safely, and they have to start somewhere. As a result, they have to begin driving without this experience.

This means that teen driver accident rates are likely to remain high, and those who are injured by teen drivers must know what legal steps they can take to obtain fair compensation for their losses.


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