The 4 most dangerous driving mistakes in Florida

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It is not possible for any driver to completely eliminate their risk out on the road. However, drivers can make decisions that reduce how much risk of a crash they have.

Learning about some of the most dangerous driving habits employed on the modern roads could help you avoid causing a crash. What common driving mistakes should you do your best to avoid to stay safe in Florida?

Drunk and distracted driving

Two of the top causes of motor vehicle crashes and fatalities are known driving mistakes. Despite the danger of drunk driving and distracted driving being well-known, people still choose to get behind the wheel after having a few beers or to respond to a text message in heavy traffic.

You can drastically decrease your chance of causing a serious crash by avoiding mobile phones at the wheel and alcohol or drugs before you drive.

Driving while exhausted or too sick to be safe

Many crashes occur because people push themselves too hard. Drowsy driving causes crashes every year, some of which are fatal. Those who are too tired to safely drive can make bad decisions or may even fall asleep at the wheel.

Respecting your body isn’t just about knowing not to drive when you feel tired. It also means not getting behind the wheel when you are sick or under the influence of medication that could affect your driving performance, like cold medicine.

Left-hand turns

Did you know that some delivery companies have started planning out special routes for their drivers so that they don’t have to turn left in front of traffic? That’s how strong the correlation is between left-hand turns and motor vehicle collisions.

When at all possible, avoiding left-hand turns can decrease your likelihood of causing or getting into a serious collision.

Speeding and other forms of unsafe driving

You know when your speed is 10 miles an hour or more above the posted limit that you are at risk of a ticket or of causing a crash. You also know that there are risks involved in racing, driving the wrong way on a one-way street or being aggressive at the wheel. Any behavior that you would consider dangerous if another driver performed it is one that you should avoid at the wheel as well.

Recognizing some of the biggest driving mistakes can help you avoid causing a car crash, even if you can’t avoid getting into one altogether.


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