Tampa steps up enforcement while tourism is down

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Tampa does see a large number of traffic accidents, but the good news is that the city is working on decreasing them. In 2020, there were 17,500 fewer crashes in Tampa Bay because of lower tourist rates. That’s a sign that many of the collisions that happen are linked to tourists.

This has also meant that the police have had more time to focus on local drivers and to take steps to stop them and reeducate them on the traffic laws when needed. New, targeted enforcement, helps slow down drivers and keep them safe.

What will Tampa do to prevent crashes?

Another step the city took was to install flashing wrong-way signals throughout the city. The goal is to minimize the risk of wrong-way collisions, which often happen because of vacationers who get confused by the roadways, distractions, intoxication and speeding.

Targeted enforcement also focused on road rage incidents. Road rage is common in Tampa, but the police now wait to pull over drivers who show signs of aggression, speeding or distractions. The police have the goal of stopping these people before they are in a position to cause a crash.

This same targeted enforcement effort also looks for drunk drivers, who may be weaving in and out of their lanes, slowing or stopping unexpectedly or causing other issues.

Though tourists haven’t come to Tampa Bay as much as usual this year, it has been a positive for the city. Now, the authorities know more about the driving behaviors that need to be corrected, which will help them minimize the number of crashes that take place in the future.


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