Should you brace yourself for a car accident?

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If you can tell that you’re about to be involved in a car accident, should you brace yourself or try to stay relaxed? What is going to lower your odds of serious injury?

There is an oft-repeated myth that drunk drivers tend to survive crashes more often because they are relaxed and loose at the moment of impact. However, health professionals note that it’s better to brace if you have the time to do it. They cite reduced injuries and better long-term recovery as the reasons why.

Why is bracing better?

The trouble is that your body is going to be injured no matter what you do. If you don’t brace yourself, you tend to hurt ligaments, bones, tendons, discs and other vulnerable areas that take a long time to heal. Some may never fully heal. Some may be more prone to injury after being hurt once.

If you brace, your muscles take more of the stress of the accident. This doesn’t mean you won’t be injured. But soft-tissue injuries to your muscles tend to heal more quickly and more completely than other injuries. You may have a better recovery if you brace, and your muscles can use their strength to prevent some serious injuries.

How can you seek compensation?

No matter what happens in an accident, you can get badly injured. Most people don’t have time to brace or to think at all about how to reduce their injuries. As a result, you could be facing some high medical bills and other costs. You need to know how to seek compensation and what you deserve.


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