Semitruck crashes can stem from many causes

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Drivers share the roadways with semitrucks on a daily basis. While there are many miles driven without any incidents occurring, there are times when semitrucks slam into other vehicles. These wrecks can lead to very serious injuries.

A person who’s injured in a semitruck crash may need to determine the cause of the crash. This is especially important if they opt to file a personal injury claim. There are several causes that must be considered in these cases.

Problems with the rig

Issues with the semitruck or trailer may lead to crashes. This could include something wrong with the hitch mechanism or the braking system. Inspecting the rig in its entirety after the crash is often beneficial since it can unearth defective, worn or improperly installed components.

Trucker error

Truckers may make errors when they’re driving. Fatigue, impairment and distractions are all factors that might have a negative impact on their ability to drive. In some cases, the crash might appear to be the fault of the trucker, but it could be another driver who caused the crash by cutting the semitruck off.

Company policies

Policy issues, such as unrealistic delivery times, might cause a trucker to drive unsafely. It’s imperative that trucking companies institute policies that encourage truckers to drive safely. Reviewing the applicable policies, whether written or unwritten, can help to determine if this is the case or not.

Anyone who’s injured in a collision involving a semitruck should ensure they undergo a medical evaluation and receive proper care. Some may also opt to pursue a claim for compensation to help them recover the financial damages they’ve dealt with due to the crash. Having experienced legal guidance can help you decide your best course of action.


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