Road accidents are a leading cause of spinal injuries

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That your life may never be the same again are words no one wants to hear from a doctor. However, for spinal injury victims, that is a harsh reality. Any damage can be disastrous. You may lose some bodily functions, and your general quality of life is likely to be affected.

Road accidents are the number one cause of spinal injuries, which means that virtually anybody is at risk of this kind of trauma.

How do car accidents cause spinal injuries?

A sudden blow can damage the spine or surrounding tissues and cause the vertebrae to break or dislocate. The odds of that occurring are higher in car rollovers and head-on-collisions than in other types of accidents. Exactly how well someone manages to endure these kinds of wrecks often depends on their age and health.

Spinal injuries vary in severity

Spinal injuries are classified according to their severity. Someone with a very minor injury may have pain but no significant loss of motion or physical ability, while an extreme injury leaves the victim with total paralysis below the point of injury.

Life after a severe spinal injury

You may need permanent care following a total loss of some bodily functions. While there have been significant medical advancements in spinal injury treatment, some injuries are currently irreversible. The cost of round-the-clock care can be daunting for many victims, not to mention the sudden and drastic change in life. Your career could grind to a halt, yet you need the money to cover treatment costs.

It may not be easy to foot the bills when you cannot continue working, and it’s why you deserve compensation – to help you through it all. If another party’s negligence caused your spinal injuries, you need to hold them accountable.


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