Protecting yourself from the sun’s glare while driving

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The sunny weather in Florida encourages people to go outside and explore. While many people opt to go on foot or cycle, driving is still one of the most popular forms of transport, especially for longer distances.

We often view the sun as a positive thing, a chance to go outside and enjoy the weather. However, it’s important not to forget the dangers that the sun poses. When driving, the sun’s glare can significantly obstruct your vision, and it may even cause temporary blindness in severe circumstances.

How can you protect yourself from the sun’s glare while driving?

Utilize interior visors

Sometimes, drivers fail to take note of the visors that are fitted above their heads. They are there for a reason, to prevent bright light obstructing your vision. Folding them down may not be enough to completely block out the sun’s glare, but it will have the effect of preventing it from hitting your eyes directly.

Keep a clean windshield

The windshield is one of the most vital aspects of driver visibility. Not only should it be in pristine condition in terms of having no chips or cracks, but it should also be kept as clean as possible. If the windshield has smears all over it, these will become more prominent during bright and sunny days. Keeping a clean windshield will allow you to have a better picture of the hazards that are coming up in front of you.

While the sun makes for the ideal opportunity to go for a trip in the car, it is important to remember the dangerous aspects of bright sunlight. If you have been caught up in a vehicular collision in Florida, make sure you take note of your legal options.


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