Is it safe to drive barefoot in Florida?

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Living in Florida comes with an inherent understanding that the lifestyle involves the beach — and beach culture often means going barefoot. Just the same, it is important to think twice about getting behind the wheel barefoot.

Although it may not be illegal to drive without shoes, it can be dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 16,000 automotive crashes were caused by “pedal errors.” Let’s take a closer look at how the choice of shoes, or the lack thereof, can lead to motor vehicle accidents.

Wear the right shoes when you drive for optimum safety

It has been shown that wearing a lightweight and flat-soled shoe while driving can help to avoid accidents. Imagine how sandals, high heels, and steel-toef work boots can uniquely impact the ability to manage the gas, brake and clutch pedals.

When operating a vehicle, it is a good practice to anchor the heel on the floorboard to have more control over the pedals. Many times, barefoot drivers are not able to plant their heels on the floor of the car and it results in having their foot (or feet) positioned in midair. This adds instability and limits a driver’s ability to apply consistent pressure to the gas or brakes.

Next time you are leaving the beach after a fishing trip, family picnic or just a relaxing day of sunbathing and swimming be sure to put shoes on before driving the car. Many people keep an extra pair of shoes in their car that is properly selected for driving. This allows drivers to have an extra pair handy when one would otherwise be tempted to drive barefoot.

When you’ve been injured by an errant driver

All the safety precautions in the world won’t necessarily protect you from the mistakes of other drivers. If dealing with an accident in Florida, it can be helpful to have legal counsel that is experienced and current with Florida’s laws regarding motor vehicle accidents on your side.


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