Interstate pileups are often related to fog

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One of the most dangerous types of collisions is an interstate pileup of automobiles and semitrucks. While there are many different factors that can cause these often-deadly accidents, snow and fog are two common weather conditions.

Down here in South Florida, we don’t have to worry too much about snow. However, fog is a frequent and dangerous event that motorists must face regularly. It’s particularly a problem on the stretches of interstate that cross over water. Below are some of the worst interstate pileups in the United States.

Long Beach Freeway pileup

On Nov. 3, 2002, 216 vehicles plowed into one another on the 710 in Los Angeles. Foggy conditions prevailed that morning at about 6:45 a.m. when a trucker hauling freight struck the highway divider between the south and northbound traffic lanes.

Fog obscured the vision of other drivers who then crashed into the wrecked semitruck. Some motorists and passengers tried to get to safety by hopping the divider into the oncoming traffic, causing accidents on that side, too. Although there were many injuries, no fatalities occurred in that pileup.

Tennessee pileup

On the first day of December in 2011 in Hendersonville, Tennessee, 176 cars, trucks and one school bus collided in three separate chain reactions on two miles of highway. Almost miraculously, only 16 individuals suffered injuries.

Mobile Bay crash

The stretch of I-10 that crosses Mobile Bay in Alabama was the scene of a fatal 100-car pileup on March 20, 1995. Fog was once again the culprit in the incident that injured 90 people and claimed one life. A witness reported that some vehicles were so damaged that it looked like “somebody had crushed a beer can.”

How to avoid pileup accidents

Florida drivers should take additional precautions when they must head out into foggy weather. Remember not to follow too closely and always keep your eyes focused on the road ahead of you.

Chain-reaction crashes can be a nightmare when sorting out liability. Learning more about the auto liability laws in Florida can add some clarity to your case.


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