Illegal drag racing is a danger to other motorists, passengers

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Teenagers and young adults have been drag-racing for decades, ever since it became a popular activity back in the 50s. The faster engines of the 60s and the 70s muscle cars added even more speed to the races.

Last month, Florida Highway Patrol troopers arrested four Tampa drag racers in Hillsborough County after they crossed the Gandy Bridge and accelerated as fast as 114 mph.

When drag racing turns deadly

While there were no injuries or damages in the above Gandy Bridge drag racing incident, such is unfortunately not the case with every race. An 11-year-old girl died last spring in a wreck caused by drag racing in another part of the state. The wreck also injured others, both drag race participants and other motorists and their passengers.

Redirect drag racers to safer locations

There are places where drag racing is legal and sanctioned. The dragway tracks are off-limits to regular traffic and have designated areas for spectators to watch and cheer on their favorite racers. Those who enjoy racing their speedsters for money or prizes should compete in these safer arenas and leave the streets to the motorists and pedestrians.

Were you injured by a drag racer here in Clearwater?

If you suffered injuries as collateral damage from illegal street racing here in Clearwater, you could face a long battle to recover fully and get back to normal. Your injuries and extended rehab could keep you out of work and cause you to fall behind on your mortgage, car payments and other bills.

This is on top of the mountain of medical bills that accrued from the accident. Make sure that you understand your right to seek compensation for these injuries, damages and other losses.


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