If you see a wrong-way driver, here’s what to do

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Wrong-way driving accidents are incredibly dangerous because you may never see them coming. You don’t expect a car to be in your lane, and the closing distance between the two vehicles means everything happens quickly. These drivers are often impaired, and they don’t even know they’ve made a mistake.

If you do see the car coming and have a second to take evasive action, though, here is what you should do.

Stay on the right

The other driver will probably stay on their right, which is your left, so you are safest if you also move to the right. At the same time, reduce your speed as much as you can in a safe manner.

Try to get their attention

As noted, they may not know they’ve made a mistake, so try to let them know. Honk your horn and flash your lights. Do not try to stop the other car in any way, and focus on your own safety. However, get their attention if you can. You may prevent a crash.

React calmly

Consider traffic around you. Don’t panic and swerve into other oncoming lanes. Don’t drive off of the road and strike a stationary object. Don’t hit the brakes too hard if someone is behind you. Just try to focus on calmly moving yourself out of harm’s way. When you can, stop on the side of the road and call 911 to alert the authorities.

What if you are injured?

Even knowing what to do may not prevent a crash. If you or a loved one is injured, you must know about all of the legal options at your disposal.


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