How to brake safely on your motorcycle

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For many, riding a motorcycle is invigorating and something to look forward to every week. Others rely on their bikes to get around every day.

While motorcycling can be efficient and rewarding, there are numerous potential dangers of being on two wheels. It’s not possible for you to prevent every single accident, but there are measures you can take to better protect yourself.

Slowing down is one of the more important skills to master, and these tips should help you do that in a safe manner.

Don’t rely only on one brake

Balance and your center of gravity are the keys to safe braking. If you only use one brake, you might decrease the control you have over the vehicle. In all likelihood, you have both front and back brakes on your motorcycle. Make sure that you use both of these as it will help you slow down safely or come to a much more controlled stop.

Anticipate your stop

Last-minute braking should only be for emergencies, there is really no need to make this a habit. You want your stop to be smooth rather than erratic. The harsher your braking and steering are, the more likely you are to lose balance and be involved in an accident. If you are out on a rainy day, remember that it is going to take longer to stop than usual, so anticipation is vital in these conditions especially.

Your brakes are only part of slowing down

While your brakes are the main component utilized in slowing down, they work in tandem with other parts of your bike. You can slow down significantly by easing off the throttle and shifting into the lower gears.

The tips above should help to protect you while riding. Unfortunately, not all accidents are preventable. If you have been involved in a collision that was caused by another driver, make sure you carefully examine all of your legal options. You may be due compensation for your injuries and losses.


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