How many uninsured drivers are you sharing the road with?

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Driving isn’t a right. It is a privilege, and you have to comply with Florida state law to be out on the road legally. You need to pass a driver’s test and maintain a license. You have to register your lease vehicle and display a license plate.

To register your vehicle, you need to provide the state with proof of motor vehicle liability insurance and no-fault coverage. When you get into a crash caused by somebody else, you will likely hope to make a claim against their insurance.

Some drivers don’t have insurance and will leave you with nothing but your own no-fault coverage after a crash. How many of these irresponsible drivers are there in Florida?

Florida has a high rate of uninsured drivers

Compared with many other states, there are more uninsured drivers in the Sunshine State than in many other parts of the country. According to information analyzed by the Insurance Information Institute in 2019, 20.4% of drivers do not have insurance on their vehicles in Florida. That is slightly more than one in five drivers, which is a high rate.

Overall, there are only five other states that have higher rates of uninsured drivers when compared with Florida. These uninsured drivers not only open themselves up to civil litigation by not carrying insurance, but they pass the responsibility for the crashes they caused to others, like you.

How your policy helps

No-fault coverage in Florida will pay for 80% of injury-related losses, up to $10,000. You may also have invested some of your money in collision coverage or even uninsured and underinsured motorist protection. If you invested in this extra insurance, your policy may cover more of your losses.

Otherwise, your best option may include filing a lawsuit against the uninsured driver and looking into whether any third parties have liability for the crash. A company that let a worker without insurance drive while on the clock could have some fault for the wreck that occurred, as could a rental car company if faulty maintenance is what caused the crash.

Understanding the issues that can complicate your circumstances after a motor vehicle collision will reduce the financial losses you suffered from a crash.


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