How many drivers don’t have insurance coverage in Florida?

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Carrying insurance is a basic requirement for licensed drivers who want to register a vehicle. Insurance protects you from medical costs if you get hurt in a crash. They can also cover your liability if you cause a crash that damages someone else’s property or causes them an injury.

Although an active policy offers very valuable financial protections for someone’s assets and income, insurance can seem like a waste of money. You spend hundreds of dollars every year to pay for something that you hope you never even need to use. However, you follow the law and you keep paying for it — but not everyone makes that same decision. There are actually a shocking number of people driving on Florida’s roads without an active insurance policy.

How many drivers don’t carry insurance?

Given the high costs of insurance in Florida, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that it is one of the top ten states for the highest number of uninsured drivers. With an average of 20.4% of motorists without proper coverage, Florida is sixth in the nation. Roughly one out of every five drivers you see on the road won’t have insurance on their vehicle.

Getting into a crash with a driver who doesn’t have insurance can have numerous different implications. Another driver’s lack of coverage can limit what compensation you receive after the crash or put you at risk for someone taking legal action against you if you caused the crash.

What if you’re in a crash with an uninsured motorist?

Understanding insurance laws in Florida is an important first step toward protecting yourself or getting compensation after a crash with a driver who doesn’t have insurance.


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