How dangerous is riding a motorcycle in Florida?

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More motorcyclists died in Florida than in any other state during 2019. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) figures show a tenth of fatal motorcycle crashes in the country occur in Florida.

Does that mean it is more dangerous to get on a bike here than anywhere else? Here’s what you should know:

Florida ranks fourth in deaths per registered motorcycle

Another study compared deaths versus the number of registered motorcycles in each state. There are more motorcycles in Florida than any other state except California. Florida ranked fourth in the number of fatalities per 10,000 registered motorcycles. Only Mississippi, Texas and South Carolina had more. Does that make Florida the fourth most dangerous place to ride a motorcycle? Not necessarily.

Are Florida’s roads dangerous for all users?

The IIHS figures also show the total number of fatal traffic accidents involving any vehicle. Florida ranked 8th in the number of people killed on the roads per 100 million vehicle miles traveled.

Why might Florida have more motorcycle accidents and deaths than other states?

When it’s February in Ohio, the chances are high that your motorcycle will stay in your garage until the weather warms up and the roads are free of snow. By contrast, you can ride all year round in Florida. It is no coincidence the four states with the highest number of deaths per motorcycle have climates that make riding a motorcycle year-round pleasant.

The more you ride your bike, the more chance you have of a crash. That means that Florida’s accident rate for motorcycles needs to be kept in perspective.

Just the same, accidents do happen. When another vehicle collides with a motorcyclist, the consequences can be catastrophic. At that point, you and your family should consider speaking with a qualified attorney about your legal options for recovery.


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