Do burns always leave scars?

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If you get involved in a car accident and suffer burns, they can be incredibly painful and you need medical treatment right away. These could be burns from superheated liquids, such as steam, or from burning fuel or hot surfaces. Every accident is different, but you need to take every single burn very seriously and prompt treatment is the best option to work toward a complete recovery.

What you may be wondering, especially if the burns are in a very visible place, is if they’re going to leave scars. Are you going to heal from this the same way that you heal from a broken leg, where there is no evidence of the injury at a later date? Or are you going to have to carry the evidence of this car accident for the rest of your life?

How severe were the burns?

As you may have guessed, the most important question to ask is just how severe these burns were to begin with. For the most minor burns, experts generally note that it only takes two weeks for them to heal. Anything that will heal this quickly is very unlikely to leave scars that are going to last for a long time. The skin will slowly return to normal.

However, if you had more severe burns, such as 3rd-degree burns, this can leave behind a lot of scar tissue. Healing may never bring you back entirely to the way that you looked before the incident. Some people have discoloration on their skin, and others even have mobility issues or other problems as the scar tissue forms.

What can you do next?

If you do suffer burns in a car accident, whether or not there is scarring, you definitely need to know if you can seek financial compensation to cover the medical costs and more.


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