Did a car accident leave your child with a permanent disability?

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As a parent, you’re always thinking about your child’s future. Unfortunately, you know that life doesn’t always go the way that you planned.

If your child gets injured in a car accident and ends up with a permanent disability, what will this mean for their future? What do you need to know?

Car accidents are a significant source of injuries for young children

First of all, you do need to acknowledge that this is a significant risk. Every year, thousands of children get injured and suffer both permanent and temporary disabilities. Many more tragically pass away, to the point that those between the ages of 15 and 29 have no more common cause of death. As much as we often take driving for granted and assume it’s safe, it’s clear that massive risks exist for children and adults alike.

Disabilities take many forms. Perhaps your child suffered a spinal cord injury and a loss of mobility. Will they recover with physical therapy, or are they always going to have limitations that others do not? Maybe your child suffered serious burn injuries that will lead to disfigurement, even after they heal. Will the child be able to get a job, get married, and have the future you always envisioned for them?

Focusing on the future means looking at your child’s needs

At times like these, you do need to focus on their future. How has it changed? What will that change cost? Who was at fault in the accident that led to it? You need to know about all of the options you may have to seek financial compensation to help offset some of these potential issues.


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