Can social media contribute to motor vehicle crashes?

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Drivers must ensure that they’re paying full attention to the road. They shouldn’t let anything distract them. The prevalence of social media and the attention that some people give it mean that some drivers don’t even leave it alone when they’re on the road. They may feel compelled to check Twitter to see what’s trending or see if anyone has responded to their Instagram or Facebook post.

While social media allows an instant and personal connection, it’s imperative that drivers put away the smartphone before they start their vehicle. AT&T conducted a survey that found that 90% of drivers admit to using their smartphone while they drive. Around half of those people are checking social media.

The dangers of using social media behind the wheel

The risk of being involved in a crash is three times greater for a person who’s using social media than a person who’s intoxicated. The thing that most people don’t realize is that it doesn’t take long to get into a crash if the driver is distracted. When a vehicle is going 55 miles per hour, it will travel the length of a football field in just five seconds.

Anyone who’s struck by a driver who was distracted might opt to pursue a claim for compensation. These cases are very serious and must be filed within the time allowed by Florida law. It’s crucial that anyone who suffers an injury in a crash seek medical care right away. Injuries might be hidden, so be sure to get checked out. This can also help you provide needed evidence for your claim.


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