Blind spots around semitrucks are dangerous

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All vehicles have blind spots around them but many people don’t realize how large the ones around semitrucks are. As a general rule, drivers should assume that the trucker can’t see them if they can’t see the truck’s mirrors.

It’s imperative that all drivers remember that truckers can’t make quick maneuvers in their rigs. Because of this, some semitruck crashes are caused by passenger vehicles that cut them off. This can cause innocent people to suffer injuries or even death.

Where are a semitruck’s blind spots?

The blind spots around the semitruck surround it. Typically, it’s best to avoid driving immediately in front of the rig. Both sides of a semi have a blind spot that extends from the cab of the big rig beyond the end of the trailer. It’s approximately two lanes wide. The blind spot behind the semitruck is several car lengths.

If you must pass a semitruck, try to do it as quickly as you can — but make sure that you don’t make the mistake of merging back into the trucker’s lane too closely or without warning. A trucker can’t see a vehicle that is too close to its front end.

What happens if a trucker makes a mistake on the road?

Truckers have an obligation to exercise a great deal of care when they’re on the road, especially when it comes to looking out for other vehicles. If a driver is distracted or overly tired, they can easily make a mistake that leads to a tragic accident.

Anyone who’s injured in a crash with a semitruck should speak with an experienced advocate about their rights. A personal injury claim can help you recover the compensation you need to pay for your medical bills and other losses.


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