47-year-old flees scene of 3-vehicle crash in West Miami-Dade

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You don’t often think about people leaving the scene of serious collisions. Most people imagine that they’d be stunned enough to stay at the scene or be worried about others who were involved.

Unfortunately, some people do choose to flee the scene of a crash to protect their own interests. Take, for example, this case in West Miami-Dade. A woman who has been driving school buses for over 14 years is accused of causing a three-vehicle collision before she left her vehicle on U.S. 1 and fled on foot.

It was an unusual scenario because she left her son behind in the vehicle. She was later arrested and does face serious charges for fleering.

Who was hurt in the collision?

According to the report, a white Mercedes that was involved had two victims inside. One had broken ribs and a back injury. The other injured their neck and now deals with vertigo. It’s not clear if her son was the other victim, but the woman, 47, is being accused of leaving the scene and child neglect.

Cases like this one seem strange because it would be much easier for those involved to stay and help the victims. Unfortunately, some drivers choose to leave the scene despite others needing their support.

If you are involved in a hit-and-run collision, remember that you can take steps to seek compensation from those involved. You deserve more respect as a victim, and it is the driver’s responsibility to stay at the scene. If they were at fault, then they should be the ones who cover your financial losses and address other issues caused by the crash.


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