3 safety tips for motorcyclists in Florida

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The roads in Florida can be hazardous at the best of times. Unfortunately, dangers on the roads present a heightened risk to motorcyclists. Motorcycles are generally one of the smallest vehicles on the road. Consequently, riders are not afforded the same physical protections as drivers in cars or trucks and are more susceptible to catastrophic injuries in a wreck.

As a result, it is important to know how to keep yourself safe as a motorcyclist. Outlined below are three safety tips that might be of some benefit to you:

1. Check your bike before you leave

Getting into the habit of checking your bike before setting off can be advantageous. Sometimes, nails or bits of broken glass can get into the tires and cause damage. Thus, consider checking tire inflation before hitting the road. Also, brake fluids and coolant levels can deplete without warning on occasion. Ensuring that fluid levels are optimal could prevent an accident further down the line.

2. Wear protective equipment

Research suggests that wearing protective equipment can significantly reduce your chances of catastrophic injury. The most common forms of protective equipment include helmets, gloves and eye protection. However, you may also consider carrying a small first aid kit if you have suitable space for smaller cargo.

3. Ride defensively

Motorcycles typically have a narrower appearance in the mirrors of other vehicles. They are also more susceptible to blind spots. To counter this, riders should always obey traffic laws and pay special attention to their surroundings. It is good practice to assume that other road users and pedestrians may have not seen you.

Familiarizing yourself with practical safety measures could help prevent accidents. If you have been unfortunate enough to be involved in a collision it is vital that you understand your legal rights and protections.


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